Healing Bitter Roots

Increasing number of people are becoming unhappy, losing hope and courage, not because of lack of food and shelter, but partly because of non-fulfillment of one’s expectations, resulting into anguish of mind. We are creature designed to be functional – useful and operating correctly. When this fails, we are stressful and troubled; becoming hard to deal with and hard to bear. Our sense organs are gates to our soul. What we see, hear or perceive can determine healthy or damaging emotions. Anything that makes us unhappy and plunges us to sadness, feeling upset, can produce bad effect to our soul. When we hurt, it takes deep roots into our soul. Expression of sorrow, pains, hurts and wounds spring up from the deep roots of abuse and inner conflicts.

“Guard against turning back from the grace of God. Let no one become like a bitter plant that grows up and causes many troubles with its poison”, (Heb. 12:15 (GNT)). Bitter parents will raise bitter children. Bitter children may develop crushed emotion and contaminate others with insidious character. Allowing bitter root to grow brings the harvest of pain. We can be bitter about anything such as painful memories…

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