I welcome you to this special blog site – a diary of my over forty years experience on how challenges, disappointments and unfavourable moments can be stepping stones to attaining greatness.

I can recall vividly some incidents in my elementary school that I find difficult to part from. When I was in grade four, there used to be a boy in my class who was very quarrelsome. He fought everybody but discovered that everybody in the class was stronger than him, so he always got beaten up. Yet, he did not give up. He wanted to oppress and dominate the class, but being the weakest, he devised a means of threatening everyone at once. He would bring a mask to school. Shortly before the break time, he would rush to the bathroom and put on his mask. Then he would lunge out of the bathroom to unleash his anger on everybody. We all were frightened by his look, and everybody ran crying for help.

He repeated this act several times. His plans to frighten us worked very well until, one day. I caught up with him in the bathroom putting on his mask. He left to harass the rest of the pupils as usual, but when I stepped out of the bathroom I was not frightened anymore. I had seen the person behind the mask. While the others were running in fear, I approached him and tore off his mask. When people saw him, they all pounced on him and beat him up.

What I learned from this was that the person behind the mask was weak but appeared  to be tough. The enemy of our soul is just masked, yet he’s been defeated. We need to tear off the mask that looks so terrifying and confusing; then we will discover that the man  behind the problem is not as strong as we thought.

There is an absolute need, therefore, to become tactical, strategic, and effective in order to flourish and abound in success. In life you are either stagnant or moving. However, movement can either be stepping up or down. It takes the right strategy to ascend. The error of downward progress can be avoided and prevail over.

Therefore, it is time to awake, arise and be restored to purpose.